Townsville Autism Centre of Experience

Vision Statement


TACE is a North and Far North Queensland Community hub to co-ordinate support for individuals with Autism and their network

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  • Commitment to the needs of those with Autism
  • Provision of support and care for families living with Autism
  • Empowerment and advocacy
  • Social justice
  • Human rights
  • Shared responsibility and support
  • Opportunities for research into different aspects of Autism
  • Awareness that labelling of the disability can produce restrictions

TACE Goals and Objectives




  • of the needs of people with Autism who face difficulties with self-regulation, mental health (anxiety, depression), complex communication, food and diet and exercise
  • that Autism is a broad spectrum and that each person’s needs requires an individual response. (This can be confusing to those who do not understand the different presentations of Autism)



Future provision for courses and training

  • in Autism and behaviour analysis/thinking in a functioning manner.
  • for managers of organisations dealing with Autism in methods which challenge thinking of best practice for training and supporting staff
  • that are accessible and in a variety of formats, include real life examples and be informed by services users.
  • that acknowledge the support needs of those on the Autism spectrum who wish to access further education through tertiary institutions and/or transition into the workforce
  • to educate the community about Autism and advocate for positive outcomes for those on the Autism spectrum



 Research Access

  • transitioning into adulthood (including relationships, sexuality, identity)
  • support of individuals with Autism going through puberty (including relationships, sexuality, identity)
  • achieving good outcomes to help people on the spectrum into work and to retain employment
  • how to help people with Autism cope with anxiety and depression
  • the way females on the Autism spectrum present with Autism (including difficulties with diagnosis, misdiagnosis, burnout with delayed diagnosis, referral bias, differences in the expression of some characteristics)